With spoons in my hand,
I stir and stir.
Oblivious to the fact:
It’s a culinary massacre.
I add some salt,
Not too much, I hope.
What the hell is that?
It looks like soap!
The potatoes are blue
And the greens are yellow.
Wouldn’t it be easier
If I just made some Jell-O?
But I don’t give up,
the answer is water.
Wonder what she’d think,
My unborn granddaughter.
I burn myself
With little splutters of oil.
What happened to the milk I left to boil?
While chopping the onions
There are tears in my eye.
But I can reassure you,
That’s not the reason why.
With an empty stomach,
I go to bed.
Recall all the explosions
In my funny head.
But the next morning,
I give it another try.
Hey, I did it...
After all, it was just an egg fry!

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Ashish Kalode
plus de 3 ans

you sure are art bent, keep going girl


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