Poetry's eyes to see a Gem

Doubtlessly ‘ true marvel to make perceptible ’
Recognizing as thrilled by the most genuine as precious
Of times ' Like Jaeger-LeCoultre & A. Lange
2 timepieces I'd love to look at
A Gemini a Gem to Poetry’s Eyes
A Gem to the eyes of poetry
On my wrist absolutely '
Each new day with sunshine
And the quality of my themes/theory
Doubtlessly Some of the most sane
Most Sure I knew the undying charisma and versatility is ultimately
The heights of essence with the element '
Even in the most fun way
And even what is considered minor/simple
Is of some touch of charisma
I've read a line of a great philosopher
Let the gems speaks
A Gemini
Trying to purchase his way into poetry
Absolutely not'

Lyrics and about the quality of my theory

Inspirational humor

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