a jewel decision

Thematic to literary goals
As I enroll pleasantly
It enthuses to see what a jewel is like
And to make a decision off it
pretty well so i mel
I quit kissing and tell' it's more respect
As acquainting with girls
gets more mellifluous
There has to be some Divinity for a thing if it is loved ' so
I now know what a jewel smile is like
I now know what a jewel decision is like
And how essential they're
Decisions steadies and makes up life destinies
I've decided to love the Phenomenon Poetry' and see the Divinity I'm suppose to have for it and to be with it phenomenal without resignation *


on a Phenomenon decision to steady destiny

Decision and inspirational

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$ passionate diamond $
about 5 years

need a lil touch up but i like it

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$ passionate diamond $

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