A Luxuriating flow

Pure as Definitively
Creating anything beautiful
Goes with true immaculate Articulate understanding
Like the stars above superbly in place
Can be touched at anytime of day ' afternoon morning evening or night
And it’s just this luxuriating flow
I want to have
Like the Authoritative book of the Royal Monarch
I can feel naturally just as
when the currents of the seas are serene
Original and officially uncut
How I love to do my videos
With natural atmosphere and like differentiating what's artificial to the secretary's little boy
Ascending from my birth place
Like flows of Aesthetic fountains
Pure as Poetry
Love has shown me a video of a blue butterfly on a flower home at India
First am seeing a blue butterfly
Guess they're not in Jamaica
Especially when sharing my works
Just the most luxuriating flow I'd love to portray 1 poetry have ever knew
Doubtlessly and Ceaselessly '

About The luxuriating influence I want to give when reading poetry

Inspirational humor

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N. Jayasree
6 months

Very nice

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N. Jayasree

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