Kingston city

And few places by the city
Inspires the reason to say
on the way when visiting from the south coast
the Mt. views Are just marvelous
And i see just the inhuman acts to stop
most positive
No doubt there will be about this city if all that stops
Like no spoiling the art of dining
By the city ' as
residing and enjoying some of the safest occasions
I just Love the boulevard' to the water front ' the
poet sure playz his cards correct
No inhuman play,
From cafe to cafe
By a most beautiful city, kingston city,
where the first university's
articulated brilliant' the capital'
A city of love where doves flys in
Justice and peace and feed
Where raccoons morphs to butterflys
Day in day out they're perceived
Like the airlines from the waterfront '
Just a cool ja guy '
And such verities like
I always enjoy HB Harlem Blunts
And perceived a most beautiful city '

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