All the kingdoms in their glory

Like noble jewels the kingdoms nicely mined
This verily marvelous to see
In living aspire
realistically most wonderfully sane
Like roses in their gardens
And the berries flavors of cognac
Like a Poet credential
Nicely Versing as he sees
All the kingdoms in their Glory
The classic arts the fine arts
Reflects verily loving as realistic'
To breathe with verily wonderful
To the greatest element as by the stars '
Each new day the kingdoms in their glory
and brilliance
like wanting to see all most sane '
Tis like only more pure things will
Be to the greatest element each new day
to the lives '
Nicely Versing
Tis a phenomenal thing
Too making it unwaveringly
As seen all the kingdoms in their full glory  Just as loving to see a lady in her full glory as ecstatic
No panic in the urge to be an acquaintance ' and no problem
Just as respecting when a lady says keep the distance '
I love Versing and I keep my focus and peruse it cautiously
I disagree to cursing
It is just preposterous
Just never want it to come across in my works ' and to be Factual I don't think
I have any essential reason to
If I see all the kingdoms in their glory
And not if I can see
And can nicely verse
I can go about all things the same
Doubtlessly Poetry isn't aimless
Like nobles jewel nicely mined
Nicely versing' also watching a contemporary home video
1 of my fav thing to do before having my night rest and 1 of my fav thing to do each day *

About the kingdoms and the poet loving to verse


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