Baby I am not lazy

At anytime she desire ' I will assure her of my trust true as the horizon '
I am up pretty baby
I am not lazy and
You’re most sure that I am not crazy
You’re the only girl that amazes me
Pretty baby please text or call me
At your time convenient
I know you're dedicated to pray with mom and study for classes and
I know you also do yoga sections and meditate ‘You also told me mom is strick
Just the beliefs of the tradition
Morning for her ’night for me
Morning for me’ night for her
Living at 2 different places of the world
Pretty baby we're on aesthetic ground and breathe the healthiest air and live off aesthetics provisions
Pretty baby I'm not lazy
So I will keep the enthusiasm of our love undying like it's immortal and vibrant 'so
At anytime convenient for her to text or call ' I will answer to her love ’

A love conversation

Communication and love

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N. Jayasree
7 months

Very nice ,liked it kurt

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N. Jayasree

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