these diamond days

Diamond age the 20th century of time
the gotta have thy salary or wages by diamonds
up By the podium or live staging
most decent the has to be, sporting rose gold with diamonds
the never can be too amaze
knowing the 20th century is diamond age
Free and wonderful as the air, the has to have every morning icy
Having a wonderful heart nothing compares to
sugar dear how could the ever be enslaved at this diamond age
The teaching for future geniuses’ philosopher’s angels and princes are
Engraved upon plates as the lords commandments
For these diamond days, and for all to be of harmony shining
A Heavenly queen she is free  
No more a bird in a cage free from being enslaved
having pearly mornings, She is thy honey love with sweetest delight
Lips softest as dew
As morning touches at the North Pole
Its ice age love
In diamonds  her in pearls
a good life the wish to live like a king
this diamond age the 20th century.


about the 20th century

about time and life

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