empires of Angel's

empires of  angels
Such a beauty
as beauty to see empires of true love
extra ordinary beauty seeing the rise of empires by guardians
To gardens to kids play areas
all to love and cherish true
supreme beauty of empires having the essence of true wisdom
And natural splendor and natural vision
day to day managing
Gardens paintings architectures
dinners festivals it is all keeping happiness
Making everyday beautiful grandeur as the little ones smile and like fresh paints
Like fresh paint, love is every day
No letting go of  love and smiles what truly keeps an empire
No letting go of love
to never have a hurt or lonely soul
What truly keeps a empire from never falling
the true essence of empires the speechless love of guardians
making our reasons for life, to keep doing all the right things
keeping teachings
being free of danger no existence of weapons
what can compares.


about empires

belief love and inspiration

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