art a throne.

art a throne, majestically
enthroned to thy heart life most pure, and this world, heavenly,
true art it is, seeing
the brilliance of harmony and peace, precious
as all jewels of heaven
truly majestic art it is, seeing
this world heavenly, so i write like a ultimate machine
like the ultimate driving machine unrivalled is pure art
true art it is
loving her with all thy heart and
keeping the promise of a happy home forever,
true art it is, seeing love as
life first priority,
impeccably up my sleeves
to speak kingly and cleverly as to write
as to be gracious and kind
is arts majestically.



loving arts

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Robert L. Martin
almost 6 years

That poem is illuminating to me. It takes me up to the Kingdom of art where I can see and think clearly as it whispered to me the secrets of life in its finest


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