Forever in Love

Faith having me to see true love
A starry Sunday Caribbean sky’ home
Listening to a fav instrumental’ of a most Phenomenal Saxophonist to ever play
I see an invincibly beautiful way to take

Forever in love
Faith having me to see true love
To feel true love within my heart ‘soul
And mind to listen to nurture to discover
The True sense of beauty of pureness

I will forever have faith
The girl to be the love and Gem of my heart to share ceaseless happiness of infinity with ’ I will meet her someday
And not to be paralyzed or blinded by
The wrong decision to love before
The True Faith of my heart to never be discouraged
Nights I've wasted
Nights I spent alone
And days and I've tasted hopelessness
Emptiness Cluelessly
All the enriched delight all the flavors
All my patterns all my heights
Seems to never exist
Seems I've never had been in my true senses and then when I thought of my offense and being most loving in personality and it all turns out to be like this ' no girlfriend ever stayed when all I ever thought of is doing my best and never settling for less
I still will trust all over again
But how can I not do so
I need true everlasting happiness
And I will with the girl that is meant to be the love and Gem of my heart
I'm positive true love and happiness
Is destined for me
bless with a good heart unwaveringly with such true desire '

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