Life ‘it’s such a beauty
Like telescoping the stars
Like magnifying diamonds brilliance
Seeing all its colors and cts
Beautiful the same every child is
Beautiful thou is,  beautiful all is
As Geniuses  philosophers, to be
future geniuses every new born to come into the world
How could we endanger our own future
How could I hurt the future
No drugs no smoking no gun smoke
No joke geniuses
Brothers and sisters with disabilities are geniuses
Nobody should be abusive
be calm about excuses
make love exclusive
And as earth is here for eternity
All generation to come, all destined to be geniuses
No one or any family should be homeless
no more danger
As all breathe the wonderful air of life from heaven,
all to come as  Earth life goes on for eternity
God blesses all as geniuses
its wisest
to stay in peace and harmony with nature
like the Oscars every day looks beautiful
to keep wonderful in our hearts
as geniuses, philosophers
. Poet love comes from the heart for eternity


about life


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Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Very well written. We must set high ideals in order to try and live up to them


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