hearts of heaven.

heaven hearts..

hearts of Heaven, most high made this our destiny  
from Genesis  
With all his love
by given unto the world his wisdom of life
Hearts of heaven he made us, smart for love to fill everything
These are the days we see
Love makes our world this beautiful and heavenly
By uniting and working together hand to hand
These are the days to be making perfect love peace and harmony
These are the days for a perfect world
No danger violence free
Drug free no strip clubs
These days must be the best of days
These are the days to be looking at 100birthdays
Great hearts treasures every moment
Shares all great ideas and greatness of life
A world of great dreams is inherited
Great people we must be
For our youths
Our own seeds
No need for greed
No heart has to bleed of pain
only us can make perfection
And stay faithful
We are heaven hearts we make everyday
Love starts everyday and everything smart
makes love pies an  cakes
i love her my cup cake.


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