good life

something she loves next to me
Classic music whispering with the mornings
while looking at the beauty of the ocean when its calmest
majestic love she feels of 1st centuries next to me
Infinite respect keeps friendships at its best
Admired as intelligent living the good life
Her smile and beauty stays with me
making us closer, to start having beautiful days like
Looking at the future together at the sunrise
Nothing more beautiful, and her kisses of intelligence
true beauty
To write or read A poem or 2 two in the morning with tea
Keeps the heart wonderful, makes each day beautiful
like producers in studio looking at the papers with tea
keep making classics
A way of having a beautiful day
intelligent living very simple
having every day with a prayer
staying loving with family and friends and
being respectful to fellow women and men.


just about living life good.

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