Invincibly Beautifully

Doubtlessly poetry Aspires all its Gems of the kingdoms with beautiful earth
An incomparable essence seeing this sanely true' like a vibrant Bliss of glorious days across the kingdoms'

Poetry aspires all its Gems
To engage serene like Ruby's shine
Not outrageous not discourageous like clueless people'
All can be Fearless and don't have to worry ' poetry would never bury anybody's dream or love '  it can sedates any scream within'
All unadulterated Is of eligibility and
With just a bit of interest or like
Take the hike if aspiring phenomenal heights ' to personify something as poetic respect'
I am dedicated to true personification and making my credibility a truest to diviner days like shown a way to something heavenly'
Poetic Grounds Earth is invincibly beautiful to see
Gems never gives off bizarre or surreal sparkle ' in other words for myself my well being is most important so a clean vibrant sane personality is loved to be versed 'and it all can be planned arranged rearranged until have that picture of perfection like the place to call home'
The Precision of versatility to see as diviner mornings to the kingdoms ' verily is something invincible
I've wrote on the beauty of poetry in a few different verses and on its special effects ' dub standard lyrical sure it isn't
Unconfined '
Confined *Invincibly Beautifully *
Manifested and convinced to myself
This is my best line
Poetry have persuaded so many hearts
Ultimatum to Gems'
The honors are up ' for the best of the best
Like a Jamaican slang goes
Tek yu time don't be sour like lime'
I love tea with cream
It's as noble as elegant to me
If there's something mystical or euphemistic about an angel/gem
Poetry can unveils it to life
Poetry aspire all its Gems
Invincibly Beautifully doubtlessly
From way way way way back since the rising of the kingdoms.
A fav line of mine

**poetry transpiring Gems at there very instant touch *

honor for poetry seeing it is transpiring Gems at there very instant touch

Inspirational poetry

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