Just the phenomenal appetite

for appetizers i got a thing for wellness' Beauty and wealth just as I’ve been introduced to banking since 3rd grade in preparatory' I've never being someone unapproachable don’t remember having such crazy look on perceptible on the face or unacquainted ' so
Most Preferably A drink of cognac
vodka or VX signature blend’ either 1 of the fav with orange or pineapple juice
‘ as for meals
French fried chicken or fish fillet with fries with a bit of mayonnaise a fav choice for lunch or dinner mostly
I love Nescafe in the morning or whatever time of the day, even if out and can stop by a store to have a standard cup no greed to exceed so
The choreographing of ultimate theory it is just as having a phenomenal/historic  appetite’ a incredibly indulgence of the sense of nature loving to Verse and see a great enthusiasm rhapsodized as to make each step unadulterated is something to be gladly to do in the moments to manoeuvre the moves doubtlessly to phenomenal heights aware so many expert choreographers are here as publishing the theory and film is better than just to think about it
That’s true versatility alive and unwavering charisma indistinguishable virtue more than chores sure ' something more like resurrecting bringing back dreams alive to it’s true glory to reality
Not the ordinary glance no distance between me and having the phenomenal/historic appetite like orientate the poetic grounds with other aesthetics film directing the Oscar’s the Emmy’s the Coronations a tip of poetic portion out in the oceans everything will be at Harmony ' no loosing my appetite
It keeps me healthy and verily alive I love it only getting diviner .

In the humor about life and best

Humor lyric

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Cory Garcia
9 days

Wow! I love this - keep on singing

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Cory Garcia

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