real love

Kissing in the park
This is true love I feel it
Strait from the heart so real
It’s the clearest I have seen the sunshine in my life same way she feels
Our lips sweet from ginger wine
1st time having a picnic at the park
We feel the blessing of love so pure in the air
Fine and weightless as a feather a beauty likes floating on clouds
To make the promise together
To share happiness and joy for the rest of our lives
We not the only lovers at the park
And the 1st star shines of the evening
Just a little wine left in the bottle
And we taste again real love
Kissing in the park feels magical and wishful
She’s open about this love
I told pace
She’s a good girl making me feel like the most fortunate man alive
Her 1st time our 1st time kissing in the park
this love is a sure thing i told pace yesturday




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