Not a thing to jeopardize poetry's love

like seeing all the glory of kingdoms for poetry
a marvelous sight as an opportunity
Verily realitic to see
as a poet prominence
and glory of all the kingdoms
and most true, articulate for all eternity
as the light of immortality
is for all eternity
like not a thing to jeopardize poetry world day
this realistic the most true words of
fulfillment to the sight
a truest sense to the greatest element
can relate to giving this
fascination of comprehensibility
to let one speak of all eternity
to the light of immortality
to the greatest element
not a thing or word that is untrue
to jeopardize the poetry's love
The arts and its classicals
Like aspiring most beautiful with
At all, no jeopardizing ones life’
over loving,writing and out focusing
realistically '

just some true verses

speaking of not jeopardizing ones life

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