the split up

She split up with the poe
He’s a pro at love she misses his love
So many ladies as friends it’s been confusion for sometime
So it’s the end for her
His respect is high as a poe and he’s making his doe been all about shows
One next reason, he’s just living the life of a poe and a simple man
To find time for her when they were in love
Something like drunken love off mo-et
His love for her still glows it shows
Lord knows everybody knows he loved her more than all the riches this earth possesses
No more holding on he just have to let her go,
His love is still golden hers too
Still have all his good friends
Still a poe still a pro at love
Still misses her a little in his heart
It’s just a part of his life to make a new start at love
His faith is great to find a good woman again
Even though now he’s a x of his x
He admires the angel at the mall a little more than other friends
He let her know
In a technologically driven environment  
It’s like WI fi love to see her
He let her know


separated love

love friendship

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