big screen /

A world of great aims destiny through
Monarchs ' like
true dreams never leaves the hearts
what makes this world this amazing
big screen billboards the aim to make it
from my prep school days
yep, the world is wonderful
As I see myself with the aim for a heavenly life and love
To the 3rd Millennium
hall of fame the Emmy the Oscar's
A remarkable poet to be
since started writing poetry and having true aims
great insights of life
love proses, love notes with roses I see the passionate romantic trends
made steps even to be a rap star and dealt with regrets
with every taste of cognac
A Natural brilliance is defined
And with an authentic too
vintage Benz or rolls royce for sundays to take love where ever she wish
Trend amazing like that
no letting go of such heights to reach
To live a remarkable life as a poet
monthly public open mic poerty recites
amazing by the city and at cafes’
Shows the genuineness and belief
True faith only and with
lord faith also to accomplish
and to let poetry take me to places, let love embraces the kingdoms lit all the way
Poetry as same words are nutritious
Absolutely no doubt
Can break down the world
Never had before like each day
to have a healthier better world
Poets have a natural essence ' from the
Ad infinitum magnificenc from sunshine
to always be of inspiration
Just as my only aim is for a heavenly life
To work my skills for*


Living well being

Personal aim skill

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