Nubian queen

She’s so beautiful
and Always looking wonderful each morning going to work
She’s truly a Nubian queen of earth
Her smile is one of the finest
Every morning she comes out to get a taxi to work
most morning he sit on his porch to see her
She sees he’s really amaze by her beauty
And her attractiveness
She shows her etiquette she always says
She sees true gentleness written on his face
Knowing he wants friendship and maybe more to
Treasure her to his life with favors or pleasure
To always win her fine smile
he sits on his porch most morning to says hi to her
He notice she gets home every evening by herself
Looking like she’s in need of true love
Clever and gentle he sits on his porch
Every morning and evening to see her
with his kindest words and gentleness trying
to be a closer friend
Thinking if she will ever take the chance of love with him



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