the sight of harmony

believing its inseparably beauteous sight
the sight of brilliance
the sight of sincerity, like
the sight of a study
like the sight of ceremonies
the sight of harmony
the sight of harmonies of every new morning
the sight of beauty of every new day
the sight inseparable between poetry
and history and i and like poets
like i finding it in Moet cognac  
seeing time evidently transfiguring
to transfigure epic love’s, with beauteous women  
of true manner a desire
nothing to trigger, only to transfigure
the sight of harmony
the sight of epic films non violent and music
the sight of the operas and the lovely paintings
the sight of lovely publishing’s
the sight of harmony  
the sight of countries contacting internationally
the sight seeing every new day transfiguring
the sight seeing a world structured majestically
the sight of harmony the beauteous sights on earth.


about harmony

about harmony

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