The Star Kisses

Something diviner is perceptible between us both of conciousness sees
She’s younger than I am a few yrs ' and her sense of beauty being perfectly mature luxuriates both of us faith
The time difference between us isn't an issue keeping our dreams alive of a modern Millennium plus we start telling each other starry kisses over the phones words that marvels us
Especially for her she has never dedicate her words and time in such way before
So I assured her not to break her heart
A love unadulterated as hers deserves a Gem resplendent of beautiful earth
On her hand to prove that I am most true about my love and versatility for her is doubtlessly to be transfigured endless
As her star kisses *

Love between 2 people of different traditions

Love intimacy

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N. Jayasree
7 months

Very nice

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N. Jayasree

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