Baby I want to love as easy as saying
Good morning my Angel
He ask her,
We going by your mom today right
She just call she ask if we making it for lunch
I told her yes we getting ready and we plan to Stop
And get her some plant food
She says she taught we would be there to make lunch with her
I can’t believe you still in the shower
Baby last night you say you want us to be there
To make lunch with her.



family love

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Forever me, 17
about 7 years

Great Job. Written well. And I also wanna say thanks for following me:)

Cory Garcia
about 7 years

when times are tough
and fear forces a friendship
unwelcome and unbidden
when the word does not affect
as it pours forth
emotions brought to light
then it is time
to hold onto someone
in trustas the world sways

about 7 years

Great expression great work


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