extremely focus and positive about life as a man

Un focus through is high school and college years
Affects many years of his life
still he keeps a clear positive mind
understanding he isn’t the only one of the world that quick to prove excellency
so Fortunate he be with the little essence of wisdom and knowledge he learnt
better day by day he gets until he decides to be a writer to make a better life
Looking at forever great writing
He thinks he should be beyond
when he starts writing,
so with the essence of prayers and poetry
he looks at a life of magnificence
living to live the best life as a gentleman wisest decision he makes
To accomplish everything he deserves by god
looking at a better future he makes the essence of god love makes him a life of more smiles
never had that much smile pass years
extremely positive and focus he be as a gentleman
a natural philosopher of life
looking at a great future and a life of magnificence for the rest of his life  
belief, happy tears is just happy tears
to a 100 years he cheers, to love and peace beyond to every generation to come to life.


about unfortunate years of someone life, and hoping for the best for many

someone personal life, having un fortunate times

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