I lie in bed,
thinking of what and how,
how everything happens,
and now I find myself
thinking am I awake?
Or am I asleep?
A single tear on my cheek.
A cut on my wrist
and blood stains on the sheets.
When I awake and think
was I dreaming?
Or did I do this?
I had the sun in my eyes,
and this overwhelming feeling
that I had died
or at least I had weightlessness.
Was I dead?
Or was I alive?
I need to feel something,
so I got out my razor
and cut and cut
like I had to bleed to feel?
How did I do this?
Why did I do it?
I watched the blood pour
and I started to get dizzy
I didn’t care what happened
I didn’t try to stop it.
Am I dead?
no I am asleep
For eternity.


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