Infecting yourself


She is an overwhelming feeling you can’t get out of your head,
a ghost, an echo rattling around in your brain,
she has no cure no easy fix,
she’s always there.
she sits in the darkest, deepest corner,
she lurks within every thought.
She ruins me
and I am an empty shell
an empty body
with an empty soul and an empty heart.
I try to run from her but she,
her leash is too strong
and I am left there suffocating.
I have an overwhelming feeling I can’t get out of my head,
a ghost, an echo rattling around in my brain,
I have no cure I am no easy fix,
I am my own deepest darkest corner,
I ruin me!
I have become an empty shell, an empty body,
I am an empty soul with an empty heart.
I try with all my might to run from me,
But I am too weak
I am suffocating myself.
I have infected myself, with a thought I will never be rid of.


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