Left out of everything.
Uncle tore my life apart.
Heart Broken by my first love.
Hating myself.
Let down.
Alone in struggle.
I don’t know how to deal
to processes what happens.
Or sometimes it is just emptiness,
or it is because it was how I coped
It us just me.
I have scars all up my arms,
my leg,
from burns
and cuts.
Bruises from hitting myself.
This is me and I hate it.
I try to hide how I am.
Not everyone gets me,
not everyone believes me.
I don’t want to live most of the time.
Every morning I get up
and make myself look together.
I really am not
I know and don’t know what to do.
I don’t know how to be okay
I don’t know how to be truly happy
I only know how to be empty
how to he upset
how to cry
and I pray and hope I can feel
anything happy.


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Kay Cory Garcia Lord Belgarion
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