Music going
getting louder and louder,
as the night wears on.
Calling out.
Out loud,
loud in my mind
crying to the sound of love.
Falling and loving
seeing you behind me
falling slower
hiding behind a mask
seeing you
look at my face,
my falling soul
you see it in my eyes
for the first time.
Music going
and I know
I have to show
you the way.
I know death looks,
I would tell you
but you won’t listen.
Don’t let me fall for you
and then you run
and die.
I see the pain in your eyes
I can’t see your hope.
showing me the hurt
you have
showing me the pain,
I can’t take away.
Your pain.
You say don’t worry
but I do
you don’t tell me
and I can’t blame you
I don’t tell you,
I just lie
say I’m fine
you know I’m not
Music helping me
Forget the real world.
showing the pain I have
but forgetting that your there
forgetting you’re going through
similar pain.
I bite my lip
tell myself that I,
am here helping you
staining my bed with tears.
just sound.
I’ve lost my battle
it doesn’t matter
I am here for you.
I am fine…
I am just an empty soul...


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Cory Garcia
over 6 years

A deep sentiment... it comes accross to me as very loving. the act of sacrificing ones own needs for another and longing needing for them to return it but the tragedy of knowing that they cannot...

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