A scream and a cry, from the weak.
A held breath and a silent tear, from the strong.
A whisper of a loved one’s name echoed from all,
A quick death and a hollow life in the face of war.
Happiness and joy ripped from the hands of children
they cease to run around,
for they are under fed but so is everyone.
They are held back from a full life in the face of war.
A town torn apart with their men at war,
Voices bounce off the hollow walls,
and little sit in the churches, listening
to what seems like lost hope, in the face of war.
An elderly women watching her family die,
The retched conditions of the war take its toll,
and soon she sees the unseen damage,
of life in the face of the war.


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Cheyenne Gabriella
over 7 years

Intense poem, it gets your point across very well. I love this!

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