She was bright and she was brave
she was friendly and gave,
but one day everything changed.
She gave her trust to someone
she had just met, he broke it
and that was just the beginning.
He left and that was the end
she breathed a sigh of relief
but that would soon end.  
He came back after her father
told him he could stay,
she felt betrayed and wanted to leave.
But she was kind and gave him
a chance he did the same thing
and never did she want to see him again
He yelled at her and called her names,
went off at her brother
told her mother what are you going to do,
she could not handle it and ran off crying.
He threatened her and her brother
told him “be a man and, take this outside”
that’s when her dad stepped in.  
He said “leave my house and
don’t come back I have my family to look after.”
He wouldn’t leave and they
needed help so they called
and it came and he went away.
Neither car, nor cop could stop him
he wanted everything he could,
and he would come whenever.
Her brother did say
“I will not stay here till he is gone,
I’m going to a friends place, goodbye”
She never wanted to be home
in case he would come
she left and so did her mum.
They went and stayed at her
Nan’s house till he went away
but that was a laugh.
He was gone out of the state,
and she come home,
thinking she would be safe.
Everyone was home and everyone thought
nothing else would happen but
her Nan went and let him stay.
Everyone said don’t do it you’re
just going to get yourself trouble, she
went on about “He is my son I can’t say no”
She should have listened because trouble
she got and said “you can’t stay unless,
you stop dinking” he never really did.
She too had to call the cops and she
wanted him out, she said “Don’t come back,
not even for your stuff.”
And of cause he didn’t listen, he wanted it,
his way nothing else would do
and once again he was taken away.
She sent him outside of
town told him don’t come back.
yet he never listened.
He wanted some things and decided,
he would try his luck at her place
knocking and all hours of the night.
He called to find it didn’t work, for the
number had been changed
he left without a word.
They all talked and wanted him gone
they got papers and that said,
if he came back he would be charged with trespassing.
He got help from Angler Care and
he wanted to leave but when they said they
would pay he said no way, he walked away.
He slept on the back of her mother‘s work
she saw him every day and saw
how bad he was.
He took him some things in
hopes that he wouldn’t come back
and he didn’t come back.
Someone had told her he asked
about her she was scared
and wanted him out for good.
When finally after two long years
he was gone and never bothered her
she was happy and was glad.



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