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A Beat for You

To Marcy Howard

In this tangled web we weave;through each and every day,
Past all the forgotten dreams;and all the words you say,
Inside what we call life;there resides a beating heart,
Encompassing all we live through;and two souls ripped apart.
A heart can beat for only one;and this one beats for you.
If you listen very close;its sound comes beating through,
Through every occurrence; there’s one redeeming fact,
Hearts that are forever joined;can’t be given back.
There’s every reason to fall in love;hearts have their own mind,
As we embrace the future;in denial there’s nothing to find
No more searching lost and found;no more tears through the night,
For in the darkness of this dream; love is worth the fight.
Surrender yourself to your heart;remember smiles not the tears,
Listen to the love we found;and the beating heart you hear,
Nothing here is really lost;it lives inside your eyes,
And all the things that we say;show it stays alive.
I am comfortable with what I feel;but I have my skeletons too,
While at night they dance around;they only dance for you,
I am happy this Valentine’s day;because love is what we found,
And no matter what happens today;your voice, is this love’s sound.
       Only you with me!!!



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