A Dream Held Wide Open

To Marcy Howard

Standing soaked with outstretched arms,
As lightning fills the sky,
A scream to the heavens for some sort of release,
Yet the answer’s in the eye,
Thunder roars as the windswept rain,
Emphasizes his empty arms,
While the memories that he holds,
Are now his lucky charm.
Eyes are closed yet still there’s sight,
In the darkness the dream’s alive,
In the light we see the lack,
With no one by your side,
Instincts scream it all was real,
But what if it was not,
Each night Im shown again and again,
It will not be what we forgot.
Rain brings the realization,
Plants need water to grow,
So if the dream remains alive,
Will it consume the person we know,
And if once the dream was real,
It shows that instinct was right,
While in this rainswept darkened place,
Its you that’s still my light!
And with these eyes tightly closed,
Amid the screams that no one hears,
The storm might ease a growing need,
While time fuels our biggest fears,
We can not stop a storm from coming,
Yet love lives somewhere inside.
Though the storm still rages on,
This dream’s still open wide.
The anguished cries screamed out loud,
Are the pain of being ripped in two,
As lightning brings a memories stab,
And the thunder makes it true,
While in this rainswept darkened place,
We stand with love inside,
And as we’re beaten by the storms,
The dream’s still open wide!!



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