A Drop of Memory


Storms keep coming every day,
With thunder, lightning and rain,
And as I walk amonm the raindrops,
Their touch can ease our pain,
I think of walking hand in hand,
As the thoughts come from the heart,
Though its still beating it is not whole,
Ever since we’ve been apart.
The only time it seems I’m happy,
Is when I walk and think of you,
All the memories come flooding in,
In a nightmare now come true,
For a moment I stop and think,
Of when this all began,
And from the day that I met you,
Somehow, I’m a better man.
The rain cant change the lonliness,
That came one fateful day,
The broken pieces of a heart,
The day you ran away,
I turn my head up to the clouds,
And water runs down my face,
Even though I’m here alone,
The raindrops your touch replace.
The storm then seems to find its voice,
As thunder fills the air,
And though these arms feel empty now,
This heart for you still cares,
Now the solace yhat I find,
Is something we overlook,
The fact that love is living still,
But a never finished book.
I remember those smouldering eyes,
My refuge from any storm,
And as the rain comes pelting down,
Though soaked you keep me warm,
Lightning seems to punctuate,
The fact this all is real,
There’s no escape from what’s inside,
The things for you I feel.
It shows that love is still alive,
That it lives inside the soul,
And as the raindrops touch my face,
It’s your touch that makes me whole,
Comfort’s found inside the storm,
It expresses the things I feel,
While the touch of the rain that’s falling down,
Proves love is very real.

August 5th,2016

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