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A Fire's Heat

To Marcy Howard

There’s acfire burning, the only source of heat,
And the fire, seems as if alive,
If only the image in its flames,
Wasn’t a ghost, of thoughts inside,
I can see the face quite clearly,
Amid the crackles, I hear a voice,
Though the fire may consume the wood,
It can’t consume our choice.
As the flame is burning hot,
Your heart branded mine,
And there is no way to change,
What it is the fates design,
As the fire flickers and jumps,
Again that voice I hear,
It seems to whisper to me,
I’m by your side, don’t fear.
Though the fire’s hot to touch,
There are other things that burn,
And the love of a woman such as you,
Burns through what we earn,
Right now the fire keeps me warm,
But your touch is fire hot,
And though the fires in front of me,
You are the fire I’ve got.
As we hold onto our pain,
The past confines two souls,
And though a fire burns deep within,
Will it be ashes, in the hole,
Every day, I think of just you,
And the fire burns brighter still,
With you burned into both heart and soul,
Love lives and always will.
     Only you!!!



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