Sometimes it seems we try so hard,
To hide the fact we care,
Embracing things that used to be,
That with the future we can’t share,
The here and now becomes conditioned,
By the grip of skeletons past,
Holding such importance,
That tomorrow eludes our grasp.
As the past exerts it’s influence,
On our todays and our tomorrow,
It brings us both pleasure and pain,
Joined with happiness and sorrow,
All the memories from the past,
May be products of a broken heart,
Overshadowing things we feel,
To blow our dreams apart.
Because of life there’s none to trust,
As the heart the mind deceives,
Thinking love forever gone,
In tomorrow we can’t believe,
It causes us to look at life,
Through a different color lens,
Causing us to hide behind,
The dreams the heart defends.
A thing we fail to realize,
That in memory love forever lives,
Tomorrow is not a replacement,
It’s a future the heart forgives,
It’s mever about forgetting,
And it’s not about letting go,
It’s about remembering love that is,
And letting new love grow.

April 4th,2016

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Robert L. Martin
circa 4 anni

Real good philosophy, Lance. Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, and faith looks up. I got this quotation from a book. It's almost as good as yours.

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