A Link In The Chain

to Marcy Howard

If silence, is golden, what, of new found love,
What of, the life we have, what of, the cooing dove,
What of, true happiness, what of, true devotion,
Do you follow, your heart, or follow, the emotion,
Can, I, love another, if I can not, love myself,
Or must I, search forever, For the, woman, inside yourself,
When, do you become, less, than you were,
And is it, even possible, to believe you know for sure.
Would, you be able, to take, being alone,
Even though, together, and the pain, remains unknown,
Love, can hold, so many roles, and come, as a surprise,
And no one, sane, gets angry, when, it finally arrives.
Will, what, I feel, sustain me, through the night,
And when it, comes down, to love, I, will stand and fight,
Could you, turn your back, if your love, loses her way,
But a simple, I love you, are the only words, you need to say.
No one, needs, to be alone, life, holds so much more,
And did you, ever think, what, your heart, is for,
The answers, will, elude you, if do, is think,
For in this chain, of life, we are only, just a link



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