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A Nightmare Alive


Inside the darkness that each night lives,
Are the dreams and fears we keep,
Their power affecting our daylight hours,
And at times affecting our sleep,
Can we say where a nightmare begins,
When each night is now the same,
Are dreams omens for o ur futures,
Or the minds nightly game.
A dream might make our daylight hours,
An exercise in pain,
Though they might be happy thoughts,
In the daylight there’s a stain,
In the darkness I hold you close,
And it’s there that you hold me,
But in the morning when we awake,
Is love no longer free.
As we dream the things we think,
Through those thoughts desire’s real,
And it happens that the thing we need,
Are the things we truly feel,
In our dreams the doors are open,
But they’re closed in bright sunlight,
Our hearts desires at night roam free,
While in the day we lose our sight.
The nightmare isn’t these dreams at night,
It’s the fact something real is somehow lost,
The dream translated in the dark,
Makes each day our constant cost,
I our dreams the minds reminded,
It’s our hearts that have control,
That  being apart from who you love,
Takes a part from our soul.
I wait for dreams to visit me,
Yet their arrival fills us with dread,
It seems a heart lives in the dark,
And in the daylight feels dead,
Either way this love still lives,
It’s life proving it true,
The nightmare it seems will never end,
But I found love when I found you.

September 4th,2016

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