A Rusted Chain


A chain lies out in the weather,
Though rusted it still exists,
A mirror of the things inside,
Caused by emotion that persists,
At times it might be covered with snow,
While other times it’s baked and heated,
No matter what the circumstance,
The emotions never defeated.
Are memories chains that bind us,
Tying us to the past,
But what of things found along the way,
And those things that each day last,
A chain is forged link by link,
Usually made of steel,
Just like the chains we hold inside,
Forged by the things we feel.
The weather at times echoes our moods,
And our tears we might call rain,
As all our memories and emotions held,
Become our rusty chain,
Still there is a hidden strength,
That lies beneath the rust,
It’s the fact that under the surface,
There are emotions we should trust.
Though we see only reddish brown rust,
Like love it still lives on,
And as the weather rusts the steel,
The emotion moves right along,
Time it’s said can heal all wounds,
Yet there are times that isn’t true,
When every day that passes by,
Finds me still in love with you.
If tears fall on our memories,
Can those memories actually rust,
But I can tell you from experience,
There’s steel in what the heart trusts,
Rain might fall on the chain,
And each year there’s a little more rust,
A chain that holds two souls together,
With emotions we can trust.
Falling tears won’t rust emotion,
And love contains its steel,
Underneath the looks and exterior,
There’s no rust on what we feel,
Weather conditions batter the chain,
As life  takes or lets remain,
While love lives on through any condition,
Attached to our hearts by a rusty chain.

October 1st,2016

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