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A Sparkle


Diamonds are the hardest substance,
That it’s said is known to man,
And people of all ages,
Seem to be big fans,
An iridescent sparkle,
All different shapes and sizes,
While somehow in their hardness,
Light reflected in the heart’s surmises.
They signify a real  love,
Just like a bright red rose,
And if you close your eyes,
It seems their sparkle still shows,
People seem to chase them,
As a trophy to their success,
While in that chase something’s lost,
In essence do we regress.
Does a diamond reflect us as people,
Some being soft while other’s are hard,
We’re all dealt the hand we have,
Though we may want another card,
Can a heart be hardened,
So emotions it can withstand,
And when you stop and look at life,
We pretend we understand.
A real diamond makes me think,
As it’s facets reflect the light,
The sparkle in two dark eyes,
That shine throughout the night,
A  dream held out for all to see,
And inside it sure resolve,
That dream that twinkles endlessly,
On which the heart revolves.
With a thought we can see,
Eyes closed do not have sight,
While we can see the night time sky,
With diamonds twinkling in the night,
We can take the sparkle of a diamond,
And apply it to so many things,
Somehow ignoring the hardness,
That dream we never bring.
In darkness we find shadows,
Yet stars twinkle in the sky,
As a diamond sparkles in the heart,
A reflection from our eyes,
Love is just like diamonds,
Soft and hard at the same time,
Remaining through any darkness,
It’s sparkle still alive.

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