A Voice In A Raindrop


The morning dawns with a cool mist falling,
And all is damp and moist,
While a walk along a soggy trail,
Leaves us soaked without a choice,
The air is laden with tiny drops,
And a gentle breeze stirs the air,
Lost in thought we do not notice,
Though soaked we do not care.
Solace is found in the act of walking,
The conditions a minor thing,
Heat is generated somewhere within,
But what does the moisture bring,
The forest seems devoid of life,
Creatures hiding from the rain,
Likened to a human frailtie,
At times hiding from our pain.
On this walk there’s no sense of time,
We fall deeper into our thoughts,
Spiderwebs glisten with drops of water,
And at times it’s the heart that’s caught,
Society seems to fade away,
It’s bustle and soundsare gone,
As water drips from soggy leaves,
And water’s the rising dawn.
Memories drip from inside the mind,
Can they water a searching soul,
As the falling water is bound to life,
And love that makes us whole,
The falling water sustains us all,
A thing that everything living needs,
And as the drops fall in unison,
It’s as if the clouds can bleed.
The moisture slows and the sky is lightened,
Water glistens on bright green leaves,
And every step seems to whisper,
It’s you that this heart needs,
Details seem to fade away,
While the water begins to dry,
As all the things we discovered,
Are still living deep inside.
We might wish we could walk forever,
Though on a trail is better than a street,
The forest has it’s calming appeal,
As our hearts provide us heat,
Though we’re soaked to the skin,
We’re warmed by emotion true,
And every step seems to whisper,
Each step is walked with you.

October 3rd,2016

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