After Awhile

To Marcy Howard

After awhile the sunlight dims,
It’s close to the time of dreams,
As memories become the sun,
And the nights hold unheard screams,
Sights and sounds change their shape,
Become a somewhat living dream,
Where all the things you see and hear,
Are seldom what they seem.
After awhile we accept the fact,
That our hearts worn on our sleeve,
That love is not a thing to hide,
Yet a thing we can’t receive,
After awhile the light still burns,
As darkness is all around,
And each day of this treading water,
Brings the fleeting wish we’d  drown.
After awhile the walls grow higher,
And with its height we can’t see out,
While all the things now blocked from view,
Are the dreams we do without,
After awhile the memories,
Become the only source of light,
Mixed inside the things we feel,
That others say aren’t right.
After awhile this love remains,
While others just fade to black,
And in the middle of the night,
In my dreams I have you back,
After awhile you can close your eyes,
The images so very clear,
And all the things I found with you,
After awhile you’re standing here.
.           save us.



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