After the Rain

To Marcy Howard

Rain drops glisten on leaves of green,
As the moonlight makes them glow,
And with the tears that scream a name,
A memory becomes a show,
Each raindrop relives a moment,
That the moisture can’t wash away,
And though I’m on this path alone,
In my thoughts you’re here today.
A world is held inside a drop,
Though clear infinity is seen,
Holding passion, need and emotion true,
While by its resting place tinted green,
Each drop becomes a reminder,
A reminder that tears are real,
And as the heavens cry their tears,
They echo how we feel.
A drop of rain and just one tear,
Can fall at any time,
But if the past becomes a dam,
Caring becomes a crime,
The fallen drops become memories,
Yet they’re always on the mind,
Because as the moonlight shines on both,
A vision of you is all I find.
Though the rain is over now,
And the moisture soon will dry,
The heart and mind are saturated,
By the memory of tear filled eyes,
There is no way to stop the rain,
Or end my loving you,
And as the rain begins again,
Its you that gets me through,
While during the rain and after the rain,
My forever, is only you!!
     Only you!!



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