Alive At Night

To Marcy Howard

I read your letters once again;revive strong memory,
Even though every day;I wish you’d reach out to me,
To see your smile for a moment;is the cure I need,
To temporarily kill this pain;on which I daily feed.
Can memory sustain;a heart no longer whole,
Do I completely ignore;that I’m now a tortured soul,
Happiness is no longer found;in a sunny day,
It now lies in the darkness;where in my dreams we play.
I get to hold you in my arms;to oncecagain see you smile,
To tenderly caress your face;to kiss you for awhile,
In the darkness the dreams alive;with eyes closed again its real,
Happiness in our eyes somewhere;the auracof how we feel.
Looking at your sparkle;and the person I know you are,
Makes waking so much harder;makes your absence so very far,
The world may laugh because I hold on;but I don’t really care,
For when I finally get to sleep;its you that I hold there,
And though a dream is my oasis;and just a dream isn’t much,
It provides my daily hope;it provides your touch.
          Truly you!



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