An Inner Harbor


Piece by piece we build our dreams,
They’re constructed one day at a time,
As all the things we feel inside,
Make caring our heart’s crime,
The minutes tick right on by,
And with our inaction we feel dumb,
Paralyzed by inner fears,
With a heart that feels numb.
On the climb up the mountain,
We acquire lofty goals,
Fanning the fires that burn within,
The embers and burning coals,
With our eyes we look straight ahead,
Hoping to forget the dismal past,
Somehow forgetting that in the mix,
We can allow our dreams to last.
We hear the whispers through our lives,
And the night’s long painful screams,
As the nightmares seem to come alive,
With the tears that flow in streams,
No one hears the groans of pain,
Because they’re something we can’t share,
And in the silence late at night,
Are you the only one who cares.
Pain builds up as if it’s dammed,
While the pressure seems to grow,
Then one day the trigger’s pulled,
And there’s o way to stop it’s flow,
Still our dreams remain alive,
But they’re locked inside the mind,
And the mind becomes the one safe place,
When trust you can not find.
That pain becomes a tidal wave,
And anger becomes a storm,
As the heart becomes a block of stone,
That grows comfortable with it’s form,
Dreams become the ship we sail,
To some foreign land,
While peace becomes that sandy beach,
That trickles through our hands.
We peer into the long dark past,
And see the vast destruction,
Painfully realizing the fact,
That we’re the master of it’s construction,
But we see the things that matter most,
And hold them with all our will,
Because hidden from all other eyes,
Is the love that’s surviving still.

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