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Another Lonely Day


When you hold love in your arms,
And it lives inside the heart,
Lonely becomes a sobering fact,
Every moment that you’re apart,
Nights become a barren landscape,
Only worsened by the day,
And no matter the method used,
That feeling doesn’t go away.
Each day becomes an exercise,
Of holding on with all your might,
Believing only in the emotion,
That provides your life with light,
At times I really wonder,
If living like this is being alive,
But the heart whispers through the darkness,
It’s only love that lets us survive.
We go to bed in the evening,
Glad the day is gone,
Yet even in the twilight,
The loneliness rides along,
There is no place to escape to,
There is no place to hide,
When the very thing you need,
Exists somewhere inside.
The world looks on with disbelief,
With the thought you’re not sincere,
Having all they think they need,
Yet the loneliness they won’t share,
When there’s only one thing you believe in,
When only an emotion matters most,
Who keeps love though lonely alive,
As fear becomes all we toast.
Can paradise be a place inside,
Where the loneliness does not exist,
A place where love’s alive and well,
And being alone each day we resist,
In the heart a fire burns,
As it consumes all thought and reason,
The loneliness gets burned away,
While the mind commits it’s treason.
I ask myself is this heaven,
Or is loneliness some sort of hell,
But through it all love’s alive,
And my dreams of it treat me well,
In a woman’s arms I found it,
With a heart that knows no other way,
And until this heart holds her again,
I’m destined for another lonely day.

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