Another Page

to Marcy Howard

It seems, another page is turned, as she’s lowered, into the ground,
As I look, for your, support, there is no one around,
I searched, the crowd, for your face, thinking, you’d be there, for me,
And all I saw, was tearful eyes, the heart, still isn’t free,
When, would it be, You’ll accept, my profound, apology,
And let, our lives, reconnect, let, these lost souls see,
I dearly, love the woman, to whom, we said good bye,
But, I love, you as well, time, falls from, my eye.
I, am willing, to do, the work, if you’d just give me, the chance,
After all, I’m only human, I have a name, it’s Lance,
If, we are, to walk, those trails, we must, give up the past,
Give our hopes and dreams, to each, beneath, the shadow’s cast.
If, as you think, that, I never really cared,
Why, am I, still around, still whispering, in your ear,
Wouldn’t I, just walk away, if none of it, was real,
And my banner, for this life, is those things, I feel.
It seems, right now, all I have, is a haunting, in my soul,
Because, my heart, is ripped in three, but you, can make us whole,
You might think, it’s to soon, and in some ways, you are right,
But, I’ve been  mourning, for the past four years, and you’ve become, my light.
Hope, can be, a driving force, for, it’s trying to grab, a dream,
And the love, that we found, is exactly, what it seems,
I found you, is our theme, it keeps me alive, each day,
While we turn, another page, and our tears, get in the way.



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