Where do all the answers go,
For the questions that we pose,
Are those answers inside ourselves,
In a place that never shows,
Do we look to the world around,
Do we cultivate our answers there,
Or are those questions lost inside,
And we ask but no one hears.
If we walk a mountain trail,
Is it there our answer’s found,
Or our answer may live in the silence,
Alive with the absence of sound,
The world can be a cold dark place,
And it can hide things from our sight,
But in the shadows of that dark,
We still feel what is right.
Answers can lie on an empty beach,
Just along the water’s edge,
And walking barefoot across that sand,
We might hear the water’s pledge,
As we ask ourselves the questions,
Are the answers what we need,
Yet with the answers that we find,
Do they only make our hearts bleed.
Can we accept what lives within us,
Are the answers found in our rage,
Do the answers come to us,
If we only turn the page,
Sometimes the answer’s are altered,
Changing with how we think,
Found within a moment,
And gone inside a blink.
Some answers never falter,
Not even changing with time,
Embedded deep within the heart,
A love I know is mine,
If our questions are asked through pain,
Are those answers somehow lost,
And do the things that we feel,
Somehow become our cost.
If we gaze into our mirrors,
Are our answers inside our eyes,
Never seeing that love is real,
Hidden in the mind’s disguise,
As we see our image,
Our answer is in our smile,
Love emanates from in the heart,
As we hold it’s answer awhile.

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