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I found love and I know it was real,
But Alzheimer’s took it from me,
Yet somehow through the guilt and pain,
Another gave it for free,
I lost myself inside my mind,
Who I was could not evolve,
And blinded by a cloak of pain,
The loss of me became involved.
When you’re faced with losing love,
Will someone new become the same,
I have to see the possibilities,
While re-examining every frame,
We all would wish we’re lucky enough,
To hold love in our hands,
And hope that we could live up,
To all our hearts demand.
Though through the years we all have changed,
Do we revert to habits of old,
When we hold love in the heart,
But our fears won’t let us hold,
Sometimes we want what we already have,
But without knowing we chase it away,
Yet if we had it way back then,
It’s still alive today.
We become our own worst critics,
Afraid it all less then real,
But somehow things occur at times,
When we’re confused by all we feel,
Sometimes we do things out of fear,
Our underlying fear of being alone,
And as love trickled through my hands,
Even tears could not atone.
It’s obvious I’m not a perfect man,
Yet somehow I feel there’s something wrong,
It’s as if there’s music playing,
And it’s you singing a far away mournful song,
I hear a whisper in the night,
Yet that whisper comes with two voices,
With one voice forever silent now,
As yours holds all my choices.
I’ve tried to make people think a certain way,
To not see I’m some romantic fool,
As the perceptions that I hold inside,
Make the heart a broken tool,
And why I feel you’re somehow hurting,
But the feeling seems to be reaching out,
So know I love you forever and a day.

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