Backwards Glance

to you

Have you ever journeyed to that place,
Where time and space do not exist,
A place you think completely safe,
Because there’s nothing to resist,
Do your thoughts swirl around,
A tornado that will not cease,
As all we do through night and day,
Just make our inner fears increase.
Four walls can become a haven,
Or a barrier to our hearts,
As the mind becomes a battleground,
With our togethers and our aparts,
There’s no one that you really trust,
So why even go outside,
Just be another wasted day,
Because we’re left with all we hide.
Do you look back and see a path,
Littered with blood and mass destruction,
Knowing that all the things you see,
Were part of your construction,
For so long we can not feel,
With the destruction behind severe,
Does that mean the person now,
Has a voice that none can hear.
Suppose the life you now possess,
Leaves you isolated and alone,
No matter how you truly feel,
In the shadows you’re unknown,
For years avoiding the spotlight,
And wreaking havoc in the dark,
As everything that you might touch,
Leaves your telltale mark.
You wonder about the phrase I’m sorry,
With no emotion does it still apply,
Does it come from the head or heart,
And is it a never ending supply,
For years you’ve thought there’s something wrong,
As they’ve blamed it all on me,
Who really paid the bill,
And who just rode for free.
What it all comes down to,
Is the past we must set free,
But if the bad outweighs the good,
Is it only love we see,
Tomorrow is the future,
But today is where we live,
Yesterday is already gone,
And loving we need not forgive.

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